Arcade bomb


Arcade Bomb is an arcade game with a twist. Instead of being a slot machine you play an arcade game. The graphics, while pixelized, are not exactly like what you would find on a modern gaming console. However, the sound effects are very accurate and the action is very fast paced.

Arcade Bomb seems like a fruit machine just designed for the arcade. It’s classic. The game play is very similar to that of a classic coin operated game. The graphics are similar to what you would find on a classic Nintendo game. The only difference is that this is an arcade game! The bonus feature is excellent as well, making Arcade Bomb a very entertaining and rewarding game to play.

To start, you select a machine and then select an icon to start playing. You then pick a type of icon (like coin, star, circle, square, etc.) and then pick a color (red, blue, black, green, orange, purple, light green, dark green, light blue, light yellow, dark blue, white, gray, etc.) and then choose a code word (omega, omega, infinity, etc.) from the provided list. Once done, a code window will pop up and display four different icons, one for each color and symbol you selected.

The four different icons look almost the same, but when you click on one it will change into its graphical representation. Each icon represents a certain slot, which will start to fill up. To make things more difficult, if you don’t get all four icons filled up in one go, then all your attempts will be for nothing because your bonus time will only be used up and you won’t be able to earn any coins or other items for completing the game.

In addition, to making the game so fun, you can also get it to be highly addictive. The game is set to have four levels which progressively gets harder with each new level. As you advance through the levels, you are faced with an increasing amount of hit points. For example, in the first level you only have ten hits before the timer resets. Thus, you have to be ready to put some good bids and hoping that you can get all the way to the very last stage before the timer reset. When you reach the fifth level only three hit points are required to win the game, and you only need to win once to complete the game.

This game has been designed so that the user can win without using real money. It’s fun to play, and with the help of the bonus offers, winning is not too big of a challenge. Indeed, even if you play this game for only a few minutes each day, you can actually rack up quite a fortune over time. All you need to do is use the tips and techniques we have mentioned above, as well as the tips that tell you how to win with the free gift.


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