Fortune diamond


Fortune diamond is one of the few slot games that has a solid chance to return high value. Many people have already given it a try and have come back with great results. The main thing that attracts people to the slot machine game is its huge jackpot potential. And in any slot machine game, big money is usually the bottom line. For this reason, many people would want to get their hands on as much of it as they can so that they can make more money.

Fortune Diamond is actually a 5-reel, progressive slot game based on the Chinese myth. It is basically part Chinese, part wild west theme, and part-casino-meets-fairy tale theme. So, what additional features can you get from Fortune Diamond? Wild: Wild slots can replace all other symbols except the Double Spots.

Double Spots: In every luck of the draw video slot machines, two things happen. One, a player will either hit two free reels or miss the first. With that said, there were also certain combinations that are used in drawings for which the player can hit two free reels and miss the second. You can find these combinations in fortune series. These are called the double slot combination.

Fortune Diamond has what are called wild multipliers. What are these? Wild multipliers are additional features that can increase the amount of money you can win with the machine. For example, a winning ticket may have one hundred and fifty paylines, but if you have a machine with two hundred paylines, you will have a better chance of hitting at least two of those paylines. Additionally, some machines will give out three or four free spins for each line. Each of these will add up to a higher jackpot amount.

Finally, the Fortune Scatter Free Spins Feature. The Fortune Scatter Free Spins Feature will allow a player to choose from any of the fifty slots that are scattered about the playing area of the machine. This will add up to a nice amount of free spins on the machine, therefore increasing your chances of hitting more paylines. However, this can also decrease your chances at hitting the jackpot because with all the different combinations available, there is a chance that a certain combination will not be repeated and will not increase your payout.

Now that you know what these features of the machine are, you can see why this slot machine has gotten rave reviews from many slot machine enthusiasts. To finish off, we will take a look at the different ways that the machine can be used to increase your chances of winning. As with any other machine in any other casino, the Fortune Diamond slot machine has a single spin button that will allow a player to have a free spin and will count as one point. Therefore, if you have a winning combination, you do not have to wait for a re-spin to complete it, which can be beneficial because if the first spin does not win, you will have another go at it with another set of free spin options.


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