Online Gambling Fraud : That You Must Note

Scam Alert Types of Gambling Frauds That You Must Note

You are never safe online. Online casinos are a new means to gain more wealth, so it is a favorite thief hub. Before diving into the sea of games and deposits, pay attention to the kinds of Online Gambling Fraud you might meet online.

Evil monkeys will find a way to scam other people. If you do not know how to identify them, you can kiss goodbye to your peace online. However, you do not need to worry because we are here to help. This article shall discuss some techniques that fraudsters use to lure online users and even casinos.

Online Gambling Fraud Players Abuse Bonuses of Online Casinos

Some online casinos promise to multiply the initial deposit of players to 200% with free spins. If a player is a fraudster, he will make multiple accounts with fake credentials. This way, he can accumulate more bonuses and winnings from a casino, and he even gets the chance to withdraw them.

How were they able to go through a casino with an advanced security system? This event commonly occurs if the casino fails to encrypt their site. Most of them today use SSL so that external parties cannot go over your bank details and use them in other casinos.

Online Gambling Fraud Using Chargeback at the Expense of the Casino Operator

This situation happens when a fraudster calls a bank to reverse all the charges he got from the casino. They can request a refund, and the bank shall contact the casino, informing them about your concern. In most cases, they get a refund, and they shall use the money to gamble on another platform.

Offshore casinos do not have control over these actions, since a bank will most likely favor their client. What is the worst part? They do not even take a step to complain about your activity because it may lead to losing a reliable payment service provider.

Stolen Credit/Debit Card to Purchase Casino Deals and Withdraw Money

You can use an e-wallet service to deposit to your casino account as much as possible. Even if a casino's security is of premium quality, the evil guys will find a way to prey on credit/debit card accounts with the most money. You do not want to wake up the next day with a bank account filled with charges.

Some players opt to go with cryptocurrency to avoid cyber fraud. Bitcoin and Ethereum do not ask any credentials that involve your bank account. Thus, you are sure

of being in a safe and secure environment.


Even casinos fall trap to schemes where others steal money from them. To keep your account away from these harms, you must find alternative ways to deposit or withdraw an amount online. At this age, many casinos have a long list of payment options that you can try.

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